Art Exhibit Remembers John's Mom, Dina Wind

Posted: Sep 23 2015

Dear friends,

This month is the one year anniversary of my mother's death. My heart is still filled by your outpouring of support, both then and now, for me and my family! 

One of the projects we have undertaken in her memory is working to increase exposure and awareness of her sculptures. Mom was a very talented artist who transformed rough, scrap metal into surprisingly elegant forms. Many hung from the wall and she called those 'Brooches for buildings', in a nod to the synergy with my work!

She also created several room-size installations, one of which we have just permanently installed at URBN Urban Outfitters corporate headquarters here in Philadelphia.

Below is an interview I did about the installation, and also about my own fine art creations--the Curator thoughtfully included my work in a group show timed to coincide with the unveiling of Dina Wind's monumental 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon'. If you are inspired to read on, there is a link at the bottom of this post. 

And if you are ever in Philadelphia, the building at the Navy Yard is open to the public (there's even a cafe for a nice coffee or lunch...), and I welcome you to see the work in person.

Life is short, but the spirit lives on through art~



Wind in the Works

Pieces of the city fall like leaves from the sky. Car parts, bladed tools, and reworked scrap metal blossom into carefully-tended and trimmed sculptural bouquets, or wilt their former glory from walls and ceilings through the large-scale, industrial visions of Dina Wind.

 The Philadelphia-educated artist will be honored with a show at URBN Headquarters, just a year after her passing last September. The central focus of the show, “HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLON REDUX, 2003,” is a permanent installation, while “Urban Transformations: Car, Bike, Rickshaw” will be on loan. A group exhibition will be shown in conjunction with the installations through the month of September. Artists include Dina’s son, John Y. Wind, as well as Henry Bermudez and Jedediah Morfit. John discusses the breakdown and background on the installations in an interview below.

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