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16" Lady in The Moon Locket with Crystal Accents

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A vintage and modern twist to a classic locket. The etching and crystal design is inspired from the "Man in the Moon" but updated with an appropriately feminine twist!

Available for Pre-Order. Estimated Delivery is 9/15.

All lockets will be shipped with a paper template and instructions to help crop photos. Alternatively, we will scale and crop your photo at no charge

1. Email high resolution (the best quality available) images to
2. Indicate which locket you bought (either include the item description, or your order # so we can look up this information for you).
3. Let us know what part of each photo you want in the locket (most lockets can accommodate 2 images).
4. We can either email back the cropped & sized image within a few days (for you to print and cut yourself).
5. OR we can print and cut, then mail you the final images. If you prefer this, please provide your mailing address and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Materials Included: 
  • Measures: 16" overall with 3" extender
  • Gold plated brass
  • Locket measures 1"
  • Add pictures to each side
  • Crystal Accents