30-32" "Streets of London" Limited Edition Lion Necklace

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Named after the iconic lions-head door knockers seen on many a London street, this funky necklace has the eclectic look of a great day at the flea market! Featuring a hallmarked dog tag we recast from a vintage original, an irregular faceted Swarovski crystal, a labradorite bead flower and more... Part of John's Limited Edition series, made in our Philadelphia studio. Materials include vintage finds & selections from his 30+ year archive. Signed and numbered in an edition of 25. 
Please note, due to the limited nature of the parts, occasional substitutions may occur- but they will be selected by John with care!

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Materials Include:
  • 28.5-31" of chain with 4" holder with charms
  • Crystals, semi-precious stones, silver plated metal