Gift #11: "Santa's Boot" Limited Edition Cluster Necklace

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The Christmas lover will adore John's limited edition "Santa's Boot" charm necklace. It will be the piece she (or you!) bring back out year after year!

Featuring an eclectic mix of holiday symbols and colors, including a great vintage Santa's Boot pin from the 1970's (John found a whole box of them)~ Part of John's Limited Edition series, handmade in our Philadelphia studio. Materials include vintage finds & selections from his 30+ year archive. Signed and numbered from an edition of 25.
Please note, due to the limited nature of the parts, occasional substitutions may occur- but they will be selected by John with care!

Materials Include:
  • 30" chain with 4" drop
  • Vintage charms, semi-precious, glass, and cotton beads, crystals, gold plated metal